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Everyone has a different learning style and there is no one right way to learn Quran. If you want to learn Quran online, make sure you find the best way for you! Find out all the options in this article and decide which is best for you! 

In Islam, learning the Quran online is very common. There is a range of options for you to choose from, depending on your preferences. You can learn Quran online with the help of audio or video tutorials, which typically come with a teacher reading the verse aloud. The tutor may also talk about what is happening in the sura, how it relates to everyday life, and how it is relevant to people being Muslim. 

Step One: What are you feeling?


One of the first things you can do is write down what you are feeling. When you feel a certain way, it is often helpful to write it down so that you can focus on your emotions and work through them. This can help discern whether the problem is within yourself or something else. It can also help you to identify exactly what you are feeling. When learning Quran online, there are many types of feelings that you may have. One common feeling is being overwhelmed. This can be because the Quran might have a lot of information for you to learn, or it could just be because you’re not used to studying directly from the Quran. The first step is usually simple: ask yourself what you’re feeling and why. If it’s your first day studying for an exam or if you’re feeling like giving up on learning Quran, ask yourself what that feeling is telling you and then try again


Step Two: What is your main goal?


The first step is to figure out what you need from a course. In this case, the student wants to learn the Quran online so she can recite it during prayer and study it at home. The second step is to find a good Quran course that will meet her needs. The way to learn Quran online is in a reliable and responsible manner. One of the main things in learning the Quran is to find a book in your language and buy it in a reliable and responsible store. It will also be good if you use Islamic e-productions like Quranat Kareem, Tasawwur & Tasamuh which are made by great scholars with the best quality of Quran recitation just for you. 


Step Three: How much time do you have to devote per day?


This depends on how much time you have to devote per day. The more time you set aside the better because there is no potential for the interruption in your routine. You can also use apps like Quran Gatherer or QuranTime to check the timings of the next prayer (Salah). When it comes to learning Quran online, there are different ways that people can go about it. Some might only devote a few minutes per day while others want to dedicate hours, days, or even months. The amount of time you have to devote is dependent on your lifestyle and what you feel will work for you. It also depends on what type of learner you are and how much you enjoy reading the Quran.

Step Four: What are your daily activities?

Make sure you have a routine that will keep you busy. The more you try to squeeze into your routine, the less chance for it to work. It’s best to take an hour or so out of each day and make sure daily tasks are done before going online again. This is a very important question. If your daily activities are constantly daunting, you will not be able to learn the Quran with ease. Ways of learning include reading Quranic verses in the morning, listening to Quran recitations at night, and taking Quran classes on Thursday or Sunday that will work around your schedule. 


The article introduces how the Internet is a great tool for students of Islam to learn more about the Quran. The Internet has allowed Muslims access to learn online anywhere, anytime. Besides, now there is no need to go through tedious steps like memorizing the Quran with Hifz or ‘remembrance’ because it can be learned by using an alternate approach like the one presented in the article..

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